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    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    I bought my house a few years back for 300K, my real estate agent said we could sell for $450K, I've done minimal work to the inside. How does my property increase in value $150K in about 4 years when everyones pay is essentially the same.

    I live in ASSachusetts where everything is way overpriced.
    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Bought our first house in 2013 for $135k, sold it in 2018 for $270k. Bought our current home for $340k, probably could sell it today for upwards of $500k or $600k. Market is fucking insane. Utah here.

    And yeah pay stays stagnant.
    lol this discussion.
    Meanwhile, in other parts of the world:
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