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June 22nd, 2012, 01:00 PM
Welcome to your new life!

The basics:

Until you leave the vault, you cannot interact or talk with anyone outside of the vault. The only exception are the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel members, who may talk secretly at night. This means no night actions can be targeted at anyone outside of your vault, and vice versa!

The Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel do not share kills, in the vault the strike force members act independently.

In the same vein, you do not share a lynch with anyone outside of your vault - you are completely isolated.

On Night 0 no night actions are taken. See below.

On Night 3 no night actions are taken either - this is the night where you escape the vault.

Day 1 you will have to hit the ground running. No night actions on night 0 does not give you a free pass. This is mafia at its most intense, and only the strong will survive for the final showdown on the surface. Calculate your odds of survival, plan for the long-term, play hard and fast.

Days and Nights in the vault will only last 24 hours.

You may not post your own threads, nor play your own music.

I will be on hand to answer all questions!

You cannot see out of your vault, nor can anyone see into your vault.

This is the part of the game which requires an element of discretion. You *will* be reunited with everyone else in the game, but first you must survive the horrors of the vault.

The rules of the Vault are fairly simple;

P.S. These rules do not apply to the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel members - they may share vault information with each other in their night chat.

Do not tell anyone else anything about your vault, you will get the chance once you have reunited with them on the surface of when you are dead.
Do not ask for information about anyone else's vault.
Do not quote any information I have posted in the vault. When you have reached the surface you can copy-paste the vault role list and/or graveyard, I will not be publishing the vault role list or the graveyard.

Night 0: I'm really sorry, but no night actions may be taken on Night 0. This is simply because Night 0 needs to function like Day 0 - hopefully all the questions about the roles have been asked, but I anticipate a lot of questions about the Vault. This is also the time for the enemy factions to talk strategy in their night chats. You may begin voting to lynch from day 1 - day 1 is not a troll day just because no night actions have been taken, you will have to begin talking strategy with your vault mates and race against time.

Remember; secrecy! This vault is your home now, your little secret game. Not only should it be kept a secret from the other players, but anyone who isn't playing will be wondering where the hell FMXIII went! Get into the spirit of things, this is a crucial time for you to be focusing on scumhunting and survival, once you are on the surface things will get complicated.


You may PM me any questions you have about your vault. Each vault will have its own separate FAQ page for obvious reasons. If you don't want your question published because you think it will hint at your role, just tell me that.

1. Will the votes of the secret ballot vote be revealed at the end of the day?
No, secret ballot remains a secret :)

2. Is giving out the Gunsmith ability hidden or will everybody know who got the Gunsmith ability?
It is hidden, only the player who has chosen a target will know who he chose.

3. May the Jailor still jail but not execute at night? Is it the same for the Devourer?
Correct, night actions can continue as normal, just no kills.

4. May the Arsonist douse?
Yes, but not ignite.

5. Will a Bodyguard shoot back?
Only if he protects someone who is shot with one of the guns given out - both players will die in the ensuing melee.

6. Witching the one with the Vigilante gun will force him to use it? Or only if he chose to use it anyway. What if it is a Citizen holding the gun, but not wanting to shoot?
Witching someone with the Vigilante gun will make him use it, overriding all other actions.

7. Saboteur kill doesn't count as a regular kill. Will he be able to kill in the Vault?
Yes, the Saboteur may send in his night action as per usual.

8. Is there a tie breaker for the secret ballot votes or what will happen in case of a tie?
In the event of a tie, the result will be randomised.

9. If there is an actual Gunsmith among the players, will a given out gun on nigth 1 work when trying to kill someone on night 2?
Correct, it will count as an issued item. This is the same for Armoursmiths and Arms Dealers.