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  1. Role Cards
  2. Question and Answer
  3. Player Status
  4. Martial Law: Militia Rulings of New Marais
  5. Day 1 Start Time
  6. Day I: The Real Chronicles of New Marais
  7. Day/Night Lengths
  8. Night I: Infiltration
  9. Day II: Fires of War
  10. Night II: Clean Streets
  11. Day III: Premonition
  12. Night III: Hits Close to Home
  13. Day IV Delay
  14. Day IV: The Decision
  15. Night IV: Ending the Status Kuo
  16. Day V: The Beast Strikes Back
  17. night 5 the lix is drunk edition
  18. Night V: Blade of Bertrand
  19. Day VI: No Surrender
  20. Night VI: The Man and the Beast
  21. Day VII: Revenge at 6 am
  22. Night VII: Raid on the Hideout
  23. Day VIII: Requiem
  24. Night VIII: The Final Piece
  25. Day IX: One more shot, another round.
  26. Game Complete
  27. Epilogue: The Moral of The Story