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  1. {Implemented} Role Idea: Spree Killer (Neutral)
  2. {Implemented} New player being host
  3. {Implemented} Disguiser Change
  4. {Implemented} Framer Change
  5. {Implemented} Randoms
  6. {Implemented} Add the player numbers to the left of their names.
  7. {Implemented} Different night ambience depending on alignment/role
  8. {Implemented} Early Day Sequence [Unlockable Homes?]
  9. {Implemented} Make mayor automatically cancel his vote when revealing, or something.
  10. {Implemented} Bodyguard could use an Overhaul
  11. {Implemented} -target #
  12. {Implemented} Alteration to Last Wills
  13. {Implemented} Role Block Immunity Detection - Remove it.
  14. {Implemented} Change name of Random Town to Town Random, Random Mafia to Mafia Random, etc.
  15. {Implemented} Day/Night numbers
  16. {Implemented} Executioner
  17. {Implemented} Blacklist
  18. {Implemented} Lookout: Watching your back
  19. {Implemented} Jailor Notification
  20. (Accepted) Save Setup as Code
  21. {Implemented} Fund Raiser Role 1
  22. {Implemented} Fund Raiser Role 2
  23. {Implemented} Fund Raiser Roles 3/4
  24. {Implemented} Commisioned Town Roles Voting Thread
  25. {Implemented} Filter Logs
  26. {Implemented} Arsonist / Serial Killer / Mass Murderer - New Options
  27. {Implemented} Role Classes
  28. {Implemented} Blackmailling the crier
  29. {Implemented} Hide the roles like clue
  30. {Implemented} Witch to Witch Doctor
  31. {Implemented} Update Blackmailer Card
  32. {Implemented} Death description in graveyard.
  33. {Implemented} Crier changes.
  34. {Implemented} Cultist choosing who to convert
  35. {Implemented} Don't Spawn Useless Forger/Framer
  36. {Implemented} roles ingame in alphabetic order
  37. {Implemented} Coroner
  38. {Implemented} Role List Organizing Arrows
  39. {Implemented} AFK Auto-kill
  40. {Implemented} Executions Official Poll 2014 Take 2
  41. {Implemented} Mothership Execution
  42. {Implemented} Emulated Setup
  43. {Implemented} Quiting during Trial change.
  44. {Implemented} Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.
  45. Mafia/Traid -target # should be able to be overwrote by the godfather.
  46. {Implemented} Fix: greyed out text on day 1, flashing text box on day 1
  47. {Implemented} "Possible spawns" information.
  48. {Implemented} Disable judge/marshall court/lynch in games without day 1 voting
  49. {Implemented} Evil Citizen
  50. {Implemented} Neutral Killer vs The Mafia/Triad
  51. {Implemented} Interface for Jailors/Kidnappers/Interrogators during the day