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Thread: Meet the Staff!

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    Meet the Staff!

    This list is roughly ordered by rank, but specifically prioritizing impact to in-game, then site jobs, then tenure.

    The highest ranking group on the forums.

    Dark.Revenant: The owner of the game, DR oversees updating of banlisting and updates to the game as time allows.

    Mikevipe: Our long time donor of the site is now our sysadmin! He also hopes to start work on Mafia 2.0 at some point.

    Cryptonic: The playboy of Sc2 and the FM Section Head. Cryptonic is the pimp daddy of hidden setups. Try one, it’ll change your life.

    oops_ur_dead: Oops was Sysadmin for a long time, then stepped away for a bit and has returned again with interest in the forums yet again.

    Elixir: Elixir has long been Revenant's right hand man when it came to the meta-game and updates of roles and mechanics in the game of Mafia. Few noteable updates have required his word recently, but his word is next to god when it comes to updates

    Arrow: Arrow is an experienced Administrator in charge of our in-game moderation and has the final say on punishments, appeals and other disciplinary matters. Beginning as a Keeper, Arrow's solid judgment led him to promotions to Super Moderator and Warden before he became an Administrator. He also provides useful input on community matters. In his spare time Arrow enjoys long walks on the beach to find stray puppies that need kicking. There are few things in life that Arrow enjoys more than punting a puppy into the ocean.

    Brendan: Brendan handles many site operations, and works on setting up new features for the site such as awards, tournaments, and achievements. He also performs maintenance on the site, and has been learning to code new features and plugins

    Voss: big noob

    aamirus: Don't insult jar jar binks in front of her. You've been warned.

    Global Moderators act as council to the Administrators, and the Wardens oversee the Reports section.


    Mugy: Mugy is a strong aid to Helz, and has served as Warden for some time himself. His absence is on and off, but his word is always helpful when given.

    Lysergic: Lysergic is a long-time staff member whose judgment is often called upon for in-game moderation (including often contentious appeals) and forum moderation matters. His extensive experience and judgment make him a very valuable voice on community issues as well.

    Tossangel: Tossangel is an experienced staff member who focuses upon in-game moderation (including point restores) and advising on larger issues affecting the community. Known for her judicious use of in-game powers and wise judgment, she has risen through the ranks of Moderator to Super Moderator. Tossangel is also the leader of the SC2Maf clan, and her judgement is very highly regarded.

    AIVION: She helps out both the In-game side and FM side from time to time. She likes cute things. ;3

    Gyrlander: made 7 hours of passionate love to his pet cat once. other staff members watched, and gyrlander saved their IP addresses. he then blackmailed them into allowing him to be staff in exchange for not releasing the information that they pay-per-viewed $12.99 USD each to watch a man penetrate a cat.

    NoctiZ: I'm the edgiest guy around. You see that capital Z in my name? That's how edgy I am.

    rumox: His search for a big tiddy goth gf has brought him to SC2 Mafia and his DM's are open

    Distorted: Drinks warm beer. DISGUSTING


    Frinckles: The current developer of the sc2mafia map


    Forum Mafia GM
    This branch of staff handles Forum Mafia

    Marshmallow Marshall: A staff member Of the People, By the people, For the people. We held a popularity contest one day and this guy won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. You got FM needs? He has answers.

    Damus_Graves: Dudette over here used to exist several years ago. We reanimated his corpse to be Marshall’s left hand man. Don’t be afraid of the dead boy; He don’t bite.

    FM Game Master: No one owns this account, and the name will change many times, but this account is passed around trusted members of the community for use in hosting large Forum Mafia games.

    Keepers deal with reported cheaters and rule-breakers in SC2 Mafia.

    Kenny: likes to ask people if they've been hitler recently. the answer is always yes.




    Last edited by aamirus; August 15th, 2019 at 06:24 PM. Reason: i moved myself to admin, mostache and frinck to supermod

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    Re: Meet the Staff!

    Can I try out to be a keeper again come on creedkingsx and RaptorBlaze are now keepers.
    Also some of these guys are Patrons like me.
    Ill do anything you like

    Also there's 3 people I haven't seen them that much im more active then them

    HerrZynisch: A DotA 2 player. He also sometimes does reports.

    darklordnem: The new guy. Recommended by Menautor.

    Terripax: The scrub.
    Last edited by GriM-DeMoN; April 12th, 2012 at 12:09 AM.
    I am about of the shit SC2Mafia forums. It is such a dark place I just want out of it just for fun I'm going to troll to get myself Banned.

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    Re: Meet the Staff!

    Lysergic so cute :3

    Spoiler : FM Roles :
    FM I: FalseTruth the Half-Breed | FM II: FalseTruth the Plato's Bitch | FM III: Co-Host | FM IV: Gabriele the Dirty Nazi Hookah | FM V: Theodore the Ambitious | FM VI: FalseTruth the Bothersome Sloth | FM VII: Peter the Troll | FM VIII: Host | FM IX: Larisa the Cappertiller | FM X: FM Lysergic the Evil Genius | FM XI: Udyr the Lurking Oracle

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    Re: Meet the Staff!

    I would like to clearly define something...

    Scrub: someone who limits what they do due to imaginary rules (a good modern example of this is ALL quickscopers and people who don't play Terran)

    anyway... hey guys I believe DR means I'm new, or he's being racist about the EU players :'( since darklordnem is also new... I'd say it was the latter. *cries*

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    Re: Meet the Staff!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
    lol, scrub.
    Nice descriptions....
    Elixir: A cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. He primarily resides in the R&D department, but will go to other areas when necessary.
    Interesting choice of words there xD
    i think 4chan is a pretty cool guy. eh makes up shitty memes and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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    Re: Meet the Staff!

    Quote Originally Posted by clementine View Post
    Luna is such a nice moderator! <3

    Also I thought Kromos was a moderator? Did he get demoted, too? T.T
    How is he still moderator of the M-FM game if he got demoted?
    Poor Kromos!!! :[ :[ :[

    Thanks for posting this list!
    -facepalm- he's a host of it. Not a mod. Anyone can become a host for the smaller games.
    But yeah, luna is legit.

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