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    Question Seeking Clarification

    I tried out the "-blacklist" and "-prefer" commands but I get no verification in game that they were accepted. Does it need to be with spaces as such - "-blacklist citizen, investigator, cultist" or without such as "-blacklist citizen,investigator,cultist"? And does it matter if they are capped or not (Cultist vs cultist)?

    I also ask because I put in a preference of Consort and there was one in game but I was Disguiser. A little frustrating as not only is it the last mafia role left I need, but we ended up winning.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Seeking Clarification

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark.Revenant View Post
    If the game recognizes you as a benefactor it should definitely be working. What commands were you using, exactly?

    Also, you MUST type this in during the setup, before the name selection. The roles are generated as soon as the setup screen disappears.
    why do i lose my blacklist every third week or so?
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