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    yodaddy: 1-S2-1-9685512

    Account Name: yodaddy
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-9685512
    In-Game Name: Ciro

    Crimes Committed: Hacking & Smurf Account

    Your Account Name: yodaddy
    Summary: So, it may look like I'm reporting myself but this is the fake yodaddy. It is a smurf created by someone and targets me in the games. I am in slot 8 with a default name. Fake Yodaddy is in slot 12. He is liaison. Once night 2 starts he immediately types -target 8 to suggest to kill me. Dragonhead wanted to kill 2. Fake yodaddy replies "why not 8" (which is me). The account knows who I am in the game and I used a default name. I am literally begging you to ban this smurf account.

    Replay: Fake Yodaddy Targets me.SC2Replay

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