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    Executioner force alignment

    In current meta, executioner can be with anyone, but it's weird that exe could push to lynch a townie as his wincon, and end up siding with town as a tiebreaker against an almost victorious mafia/triad or neut evil/killing. Also its way too easy to win as exe, just force an investigative claim d2 or d3 and a town hungry for leads will 90% of the time follow you and get your target lynched. I want more challenges for the Exe.

    So I suggest the following minor changes to exe:
    - Remove the "TARGET IS ALWAYS TOWN" option. It is default OFF.
    - Add the "Lose if target's alignment wins" option.

    if ON, than if the exe's target is town, than the exe's wincon will change to "You must kill the town, but you win with everyone else." Should town win even when you lynch your target, than you lose. If target is mafia/triad, you lose if mafia/triad win even if you got your target lynched. If target is SK, you lose if SK win but you win if literally anyone else wins. (including the arso or MM should one co-exist with SK in the save)

    If OFF, assume current meta where exe insta-wins the moment his target is lynched.

    on another note, i'm glad exe's immunity is removed in 2.0: it will buff survivor.
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    Re: Executioner force alignment

    Interesting idea. It would significantly change the executioner meta; he won’t reveal and push a lynch immediately, bc he will be lynched right after. I like the idea, but perhaps it should be a separate role?
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