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    Force Mafia and Triad to not share every single role.

    In current meta, Mafia and Triad are the exact same, and they can be interchangeable.

    I wanna see more gang war (mafia vs triad vs town) saves, of which like 1 out of the past like 300 games have been, and is usually 2maf 2triad 2neut (exclude NK).

    But when people refuse to do that, and just do 8331/933 with a red or a blue coat of paint, its clear we gotta restrict some things to force people to be more creative.

    So perhaps the Mafia could only have the support roles (Kidnapper, Consigilere, etc.) which tend to have a more powerful impact on the game by themselves, while the Triad could only have the deception roles, which may have somewhat less power by themselves, but together could really confuse town into a few critical mislynches. We could see saves with 2 mafia (gf+support) and 3 triad (dh+2 deceptions) battling eachother AND the town. fuck it heres all the sc2mafia pics i would have put in the sig

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    Re: Force Mafia and Triad to not share every single role.

    I wouldn't mess with existing roles but this was an idea we've talked about internally before. Certain Triad/Mafia roles exclusive to those factions. The implementation of say, a Mafia Sniper who can assassinate a player anonymously and is only playable as a Mafia role for example.

    Its definitely more workload.
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    Re: Force Mafia and Triad to not share every single role.

    The main issue is that I wouldn't want it to become a problem where one faction is preferred over another. Balancing them would be yet another concern when it comes to creating a unique role for each.
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