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    The Trickster is a neutral killing role with your usual neutral killing wincon - eliminate everyone else who isn’t a Neutral, and eliminate all neutral killers who aren’t of the same role as you.

    Unlike most other neutral killers, this neutral kills during the day and, in some sense, doubles as an investigative role (for the town); it can publicly, once/twice per game, reveal another player’s role during the day. This is meant to break claim battles if the town is close to losing (which would put the Trickster in a tough spot as they want the power of the town and the mafia to be balanced). It can also use a day gun, once or twice per game, to instantly eliminate a player, which (optionally) disables all votes, or (optionally) ends the day; you could also add a setting to clear the player’s body - with them not flipping any role.

    The idea is that this role acts as a sort of mediator, to ensure that neither alignment gains too much of an advantage over the other.
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    Ah yes, shooting people during the day.
    Well it's definitely something we want to explore at some point. I think Mafia/Triad gain priority with the mechanic and it will probably be some form of Sniper.

    We were able to make it work with an Arsonist day burn so. It's feasible.
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