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    Re: The Circle 2 - Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    As you discuss circle mechanics, out of the corner of your eye you notice Marshmallow Marshall's fingers twitch
    This was a PM I received btw.

    If someone wants to say the phrase to join my cult, it may revive him. Banana is very likely just fucking with me but if it works that's pretty cool and it proves we have some control over the simulation.

    "Ron Jeremy lead me to salvation" if anyone wants to do it other than Ganelon who already has.

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    Re: The Circle 2 - Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by secondpassing View Post
    Were you anything before you were a blood messiah? You know, before you drank that blood?
    Sorry, I missed this question somehow.
    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. Anyone who uses scum syntax will be lynched.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    lmao he is the baby in your picture

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    Re: The Circle 2 - Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Being targeted and shot by SecondPassing.

    I've not received any PMs as of late.

    This is a brief summary of my interactions:

    I received the initial zap pm, that I felt a zap. I responded to that message with "confetti" and was told that my zap has caused me to discover a new power, the ability to shoot lasers from my eyes that explode into confetti. Then I was told that I lost my powers and the zap went away.

    Then I was told that Goofy was with me, but after a day he left. I tried calling out to him and told him to come back but there was no response.

    So there is something to do with the zaps but I think it is misdirection, but I am not sure.

    I also think it is interesting to see how phase 1 tie was solved, so the circle voting method won't do anything new in my mind. However, we have not tried to abstain from voting. Yesterday I did vote for bananacucho but I don't know if there was a consensus and it was skipped or if treecko had the most votes.

    HMMM. I don't think we should vote Gyr despite Magelon's instigation.

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