{Permanently Banned} FireStarteR (OrgyVac): 1-S2-1-8415384

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    Re: Snarfie: 1-S2-1-388533

    After checking Scelight it's not Snarfie, it's FireStarteR (or OrgyVac just some minutes ago)


    FireStarteR: Correct. 1-S2-1-8415384

    Respective Hotkeys

    FireStarteR: Control + 5

    Was the Game Result altered?


    Previous Offenses

    FireStarteR: None

    Player Offenses

    FireStarteR: Hacking


    Reveals triads' identities and roles while in Court.

    He's OrgyVac. He just changed his name in an attempt to evade punishment. (I guess)

    Recommended Action

    FireStarteR: Permaban

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report! Feel free to report more players if you think they’re breaking the rules!

    Thank you Anonymous Donor

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