[WIP] S-FM Discard Intermediate Mafia

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    S-FM Discard Intermediate Mafia

    S-FM Discard Intermediate Mafia

    Mafia Killing / Mafia Support
    Mafia Support / Mafia Deception
    Mafia Random / Any
    Town Investigative / Town Protective
    Town Government / Town Support
    Town Random / Town Random
    Citizen / Neutral Random
    Town Random / Citizen
    Citizen / Citizen
    Citizen / Citizen
    Neutral Killing / Any

    All standard S-FM Rules apply
    Pictures are allowed within reasonable size. Hopefully I don't need to specify what "reasonable size" is.
    Videos are allowed as long as autoplay is off.

    48 hour days.
    24 hour nights or early ending nights at host discretion.
    Last wills allowed.
    Suicide is allowed at host discretion.
    Lynch system is to be determined by the host and stated during signups.
    Mafia has a night chat and a factional night kill which may be carried out instead of a night action. They learn their teammates identities after N0.

    Special Mechanics
    Each player receives two rolecards during N0 (the game starts in N0). They pick one to keep and one to discard.
    All discarded roles are revealed at the start of D1.

    Spoiler : Rolecards :

    Spoiler : Mafia :

    Spoiler : Mafia Killing :

    You have conventional night immunity.
    You appear as a non-acting citizen to all investigative roles.
    During the day you may choose a target to jail.
    You have a night chat with your target. You are anonymous during this chat.
    Your target is roleblocked for the night.
    Once per game you may choose to execute your target.
    If you carry out the factional night kill, it pierces any night immunity and healing.

    Spoiler : Mafia Support :

    You may roleblock a target each night.
    Players are notified of being roleblocked.
    You cannot be roleblocked.
    You may swap the positions of two players at night.
    Any night action targeting one player will instead target the other player.
    Players are not notified of being swapped.
    You may investigate a player at night, learning their exact role.
    During the day you may pick two targets to link.
    The two targets share a private, non-anonymous chat for the night.
    You may read their conversation.

    Spoiler : Mafia Deception :

    One time per game you may alter the last will of a player.
    If that player dies that night, the last will that you submitted will be the one revealed.
    If the player lives, your charge is still consumed.
    Two times per game you may clean a player.
    If that player dies that night, their role and will are not revealed.
    You will receive both their role and their will.
    If the player lives, your charge is still consumed.
    At night you may disguise yourself as a player.
    If you die you will appear to be that player's role.
    Twice per game you may disguise another player.
    You may choose what role they reveal as.
    You may not self target.
    Twice per game you may hide behind another player.
    If you are targeted that night, the player you target is targeted instead.

    Spoiler : Town :

    You have no special abilities.
    Spoiler : Town Investigative :

    You may investigate a player at night, learning their alignment.
    Neutral Killings are treated as their own separate alignments for each role, which Neutral Benigns are treated as one alignment.
    You may watch a player at night, learning who visits them.
    You may watch a player at night, learning who they visit.
    You may investigate a dead player at night, learning the following:
    1. You learn their role.
    2. You learn who they visited each night.
    3. You get a copy of the last wills they had submitted by the end of each night.
    4. You get a copy of any death notes they submitted.

    Spoiler : Town Protective :

    You may heal a player at night, preventing them from dying.
    You may protect a player at night. If they are attacked, instead, you kill their attacker and you die instead.
    Bus Driver
    At night you may swap the locations of two players.
    Players are not notified of being swapped.

    Spoiler : Neutral :

    Spoiler : Neutral Killing :

    Serial Killer
    At night you may attack a player, killing them.
    You have night immunity.
    If you are roleblocked, instead of doing your normal action, you kill the person who roleblocked you.
    At night you may douse a player.
    Instead, you may choose to ignite all doused players, killing them.
    Doused players appear as a non-acting arsonist to investigative roles.
    You cannot be doused. You will not be notified if you are attempted to be doused, or if your douse is successful/unsuccessful.
    You have night immunity.
    At night you may choose to alert. 2 charges.
    Any players who visit you on nights you are alert will turn to stone and die.
    Their role and will will not reveal.

    Spoiler : Neutral Benign :

    You will receive a random player as your target.
    If your target is lynched during the day, you win the game. The game does not end, you just win with whoever wins, regardless of being alive or not.
    If your target is killed at night, you become an Amnesiac.
    At night you may change your role/alignment permanently into any role discarded during N0.
    If you are lynched during the day, you win. The game ends instantly with you as the single victor.
    If you are not voted during a day, you will suffer from a heart attack and die.
    At night you may choose to put on a night-immunity vest. 1 charge.
    If you are still alive at the end of the game, you win with whoever wins.

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