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    Patch Notes and Known Issues

    Spoiler : Known Issues :

    • Legacy models not functioning
    • Victory Splashes not updated / New Neutrals don't have them yet
    • 8-3-3-1 Variant Not Yet Implemented
    • Cult Variant Not Yet Implemented
    • SOTD replacements not yet Implemented
    • Rare issue where magic kills will show up as Serial Killer kills to Coroners
    • Hats may not be functioning correctly on certain models because they may lack an attachment point
    • Marshall reveal music still not working (we know, we're trying)
    • Certain UI elements or buttons may show up as squares rather than buttons
    • Some new models may be attacked by the executions before they are executed (firebat one mostly)
    • Spooky sounds after a magic duel last a little too long
    • Enchantress Kill may not use the Witch's one shot immunity charge in certain situations.

    Spoiler : Version 2.001 (Test Launch){Not yet complete} :

    User Interface Changes


    • -Chat will no longer dim after finding out who died the previous night.
    • -The last will background color has been changed from yellow to blue.
    • -The chat box for the options menu is larger.
    • -The options menu has been extended.. This will allow more options in the future to be accommodated.
    • -New loading screen.
    • -Dialog frame updates.
    • -New buttons added for Jailor/Kidnapper/Interrogator to select jail target during the day. Mayor/Marshall/Judge can also do their respective actions this way. This also applies to our new role the Party Host
    • - Models updated (Pending review, older models currently N/A until we can loop back around to reenable them)

    Setup and Game Options
    -New basic 9-3-3 variant added.

    -Added option for one-shot Witch Night Immunity
    As the Witch has two different visitations, it seemed like a good idea to give it a bit more flexibility in targeting itself and not being shot by Mafia by mistake. This is the first implementation of a one-shot NI that isn't vest related, so I'll be watching it closely.

    -Added option to disallow Judge from talking at night:
    This allows Crier to be confirmable as a Town Gov when Judge is not in play, while not infringing on the Judge's ability to court and kill confirmed roles. By default they will be able to talk.

    -Executioner can no longer be night immune:
    Executioner often feels lazy and devalues other neutral benign like Survivor because of it's night immunity. The lack of repercussions to falsely outing an apparent "Triad" day one while pretending to be Sheriff can be frustrating to Town as well; This is mostly because the Town doesn't have much incentive to stop and kill a possibly anti-town player that isn't a Mafia member or Neutral Killing. To that point, simply needing to see your target lynched while being night immune has the tendency to create unavoidable king-maker situations late game where the game is decided essentially by coin flip. Making Executioner a bit more vulnerable will allow the role to be more challenging and rewarding to play as they'll gain some of the risks other benign roles experience.

    -New player models

    -Pausing has been disabled. (Already implemented in main client)

    -Player numbers have been added to feedback for night actions:
    This will help players more easily identify who did what at night. Feedback will look like "Your target was visited by 3 TealDragonHead."

    -Minimum required points needed to play advanced roles changes from 200 -> 350

    -New Role Distributions and New Category: Town Support
    Generally, role placement in classes had quite a bit of overlap. Government implies hard-confirmability, Power implies Swinginess, Protection implies Protection etc. -- There were quite a few roles that simply didn't fit the definition of their role's class so this will allow them to be moved to something a bit more broad. Newer roles (and upcoming ones) with abilities that are more communicative or utility-based will also fit here.

    -Changes to which roles are in which category for purposes of randoms and the inclusion of a new town category for roles that don't fit the other categories.
    Roles like Bus Driver (currently power, protection) don't exactly fit into both role classes and will be removed from one. For example, although they can redirect a kill on a confirmed town member, it's highly likely that they get another one killed in their stead. The swinginess of the role and it's ability to spread misinformation because visitations in last wills becomes incorrect makes them exclusively Town Power. Other roles who suffer from similar problems will be adjusted in this way as well.

    New Roles

    -Oracle -- Town Support

    A Martyr for the Town.

    Actions: Visit one person at night, if you are killed the role of your target will be revealed to the town. (As expected, Witch / Bus Driver / Enchantress visitations can change the Oracle's apparently target.. If an Oracle suicides for any reason, the effect will not trigger.)


    1. Cannot be role-blocked (Default: ON)

    -Party Host -- Town Support

    The Nightlife of the Town.

    Actions: Call a party one night in which the entire town attends and can continue discussion. You must wait a day before being able to host a party and you must wait a day in between each party (if two parties may be hosted.) All other chat channels aside from Jailor(s) and their victim(s) will be disrupted at night while everyone is allowed to talk as if it were day time. (E,g Mafia members will not know who their partners are targeting or targeted; Cultists cannot talk to each-other but still vote to convert.)


    1. 2 Parties allowed (Default: OFF)

    -Enchantress -- Town Protective

    Magic. Lots of Magic.

    Actions: Attract a target to target you and repel a target away from you (you must do both in order for the action to happen). Luring a Witch will kill the Enchantress. Repelling a Witch will kill the Witch. If a Witch targets an Enchantress she will die. Magical battles. Repel Targets that target the Enchantress will instead Self Target


    1. Knows if Repel Target Visited (Default: ON)
    2. Lure victim knows he is controlled (Default: ON)
    3. 3 spells allowed (Default: ON)
    4. 4 spells allowed (Default: OFF)

    -Armorsmith -- Town Protective

    Help those who cannot help themselves.

    Actions: Give a one use vest to a target which when used will make them night immune for one night. (Players can use vests alongside their normal night actions. Survivors / Citizens have been changed slightly to use this 'pool' of vests as well.)


    1. 3 armors allowed (Default: ON)
    2. 4 armors allowed (Default: OFF)
    3. 1 Night between dispensing vests (Default: OFF)
    4. Can Target Self (Default: OFF)

    -Actress/Diva -- Mafia/Triad Deception

    Be the best liar you can be. Even when you're dead!

    Actions: Target a player at night and copy their role ID. When killed at night or the next day, you will show up in the graveyard as your copied role rather than your actual role. (Visitation changes via Bus Driver / Witch / Enchantress will manipulate the copied role as expected.) With default options, the Actress is limited to 2 copies. Be careful with the options, the role is very powerful as is.


    1. Becomes Mafioso if Alone (Default: ON)
    2. 3 copies allowed (Default: OFF)
    3. 4 copies allowed (Default: OFF)
    4. Can Target Mafia/Triad (Default: ON)
    5. Learns Target's Role (Default: OFF)

    -Elector -- Neutral Evil

    Suffer without Suffrage.

    Action: Move one player's vote to another player once per night. (These votes can be be redirected to the Elector himself, or to another played to incriminate them. If a player with additional votes dies, those votes are lost forever regardless of if the Elector dies.)


    1. 3 vote redirections (Default: ON)
    2. 4 vote redirections (Default: OFF)
    3. 1 night between redirections (Default: ON)
    4. Victim knows he has been rigged (Default: OFF)
    5. Can Self Target (Default: ON)

    Balance Note: We expect that this role could be very strong and are still considering another option causing votes to go back to targets after the following night cycle as they are currently permanently taken or alternatively making it a Unique role that shares a slot with the Judge (Like how Mayors and Marshalls cant spawn together we can make Judges and Electors unique to each other) We are very interested in seeing how this role plays in practice and are expecting to have to aggressively change this based on how it plays in practice.

    -Poisoner -- Neutral Killing

    They'll never see it coming.

    Action: Poison a player who will die in a futute night. If timing options are disabled the Poisoned target will die the following night.


    1. Victim knows he has been Poisoned (Default: OFF)
    2. Target Dies Two Nights Later (Default: ON)
    3. Target Dies Three Nights Later (Default: OFF)
    4. Invulnerable at Night (Default: ON)
    5. Poison pierces Immunity (Default: OFF)
    6. Doctors can heal Poison (Default: ON)

    Balance Note: We're still deciding whether we want Bodyguards to interact with the role or not. Seeing as it has a slightly delayed KPN to a serial killer currently we're thinking that the poisoners unique quirk could be getting around the killy boi but we'll see how it goes. Currently the doctor can heal the poison at anytime if the option is on. If it ends up being underpowered we'll make adjustments.


    Spoiler : Version 2.002 :
    To follow
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