S-FM 295: Furry Potter

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    S-FM 295: Furry Potter

    DAY 1

    S-FM 295 Furry Potter

    It was a cold dark night at Hogwarts castle. The halls were desolate, the floor was cold. It was mid February and everyone in the castle was fast asleep except for a single being. Step by step as it made it's way down the hall, you couldn't hear any footsteps either. The being made it's way towards the dungeon, deeper and deeper untill it arrived in a part of the castle that daylight never see's nor anybody ever bothers to tread unto. The being makes it's way to a door, there are no keyholes on the door only a decript symbol looking like a cross between a pentagram and a satyr. The being tapped a wand against the door, and nothing happened. Frusterated the being muttered an incantation "Ethereal beings shall arise, this door is nothing but a mirage." There was a massive burst of energy out of the wand that emitted a greenish light and the door shuddered a moment before vanishing into thin air. The being strode foreward through the door into a small room walls made of stone with a single object in the center of the room. It was an old mangled tree black as the night. There was a something shiney hangingfrom the highest branch. It glowed a pale golden color and was about the size of a ping pong ball. "Accio" said the being, nothing happened. The being then held it's wand up high and whispered "Etherius Skwitchius." THe being floated up to the golden light and snatched the thing hanging from the branch. There was a loud "CRACK" and a flash of bright white light. The noise awoke half the castle, thinking it was just a thunderstorm everyone brushed it off and fell back asleep. Little did everyone know the being was cackling in the dungeon now surgeing with a newfound power.

    Living Players:

    @Marshmallow Marshall
    @Vlad the Impaler

    7 votes to lynch.

    Be cautious, you never know who could be listening.

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Day 1 ends on Sunday March 15 at 6:00PM EST
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    Re: S-FM 295 Furry Potter

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    You know that feeling when someone says como estas to you, then u say bien gracies y tu, then they say something else in spanish and ur like... no thats all i know.........
    That's basically my understanding of Korean. And Spanish.
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