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    Re: S-FM 295 Furry Potter

    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad the Impaler View Post
    Also, aamirus if you are vigi and truly doubt pathfinders claim. As I also doubt a self healing doctor. Vote frinckles to lynch and ill vote PathFinder. I wont move my vote. Let us call this a trust exercise.
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    Re: S-FM 295 Furry Potter

    Okay so I have manually counted the votes, and aamirus, frinckles, gyrlander, pathfinder, in no particular order all had Efekannn02 voted at the same time. I think when AIVION setup the Day 4 thread there may have been an error in the post not allowing it do be majority at 4 votes.

    Please take this post as Efekannn02 has been lynched.

    Efekannn02 has been lynched by Gyrlander, Pathfinder, aamirus, frinckles.

    Efekannn02 was seated at his desk hastily writing a letter with quill and ink. There was a knock on the door and the four players mentioned above stormed into the room. Gyr and Frinck grabbed Efe by the arms, Aami and Path by the feet and tossed Efe out an open window. No more then three seconds later there was a kind of shimmer in the air and Efekann02 re-appeared in his chair. There was a light blue aura around him that shimmered bright for a second and then faded out.

    Efekannn02 has not been lynched.

    It is now Night 4. Please stay tuned to see when Day 5 will be starting up. I will be shooting for March 21 at 6 PM EST. Although the night MAY be extended, just keep that in mind.

    Thank you all kindly and I hope you all are enjoying the game. Love blink
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    Re: S-FM 295 Furry Potter

    DAY 5

    Frinckles was killed by the Wraiths. He was Severus Snape

    Frinckles was sleeping and a mean being killed him while he was asleep.

    Living Players:

    @Vlad the Impaler


    Ganelon - Sirius Black
    Stealthbomber16 - Magical Male Squirrel
    Distorted - blinkskater
    BananaCucho - Rubeus Hagrid
    Marshmallow Marshall - Remus Lupin
    naz - Draco Malfoy
    frinckles - Severus Snape

    4 votes to lynch.

    Day 5 ends on Monday March 23 at 9:00 PM EST
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    This isn't where i parked my car.....

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    Re: S-FM 295 Furry Potter

    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    How dare you grab me by that arms @Gyrlander you disgusting pig
    You too @Frinckles
    @PathFinder if you dare to touch me ever again I'll freaking Crucio you with a thousands SUNS
    I like your strong arms. So, Frinckles died as expected. Efe survived as not expected.

    I've thought about this and there is a very low chance of Efe having a double charge of lynch immunity, in case you might want to take that approach.

    Thank you Anonymous Donor



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