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Thread: Warshield

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    Account Name: Warshield
    ID #: 1-S2-1-5323041
    Realm: North America
    Point Value: 11,000

    I donated to the game ($35) on June 20th, 2018. I have a receipt if that means anything. However, I cannot find a replay. I used to play a lot long ago. Took a break, and got a new computer. Old one bricked. So here I am. Thanks folks.
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    Re: Warshield

    If you still have your donor code you should be able to just re-enter it.

    In our database there are a bunch of replays from 2015-2017. I guess all are from before you donated. The highest one has 4205 points.

    Let me know if you can find your donor code, otherwise we can try messaging DR to see if he can resend it to you
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