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    Re: 1-S2-1-8499628 Chalibluefin (DH)

    ID Verification:
    Chalibluefin: 1-S2-1-8499628 Correct

    Chalibluefin chooses the name "bug daddr get fsfit" and roles Dragon Head in slot 6.


    N1: He says "no suggestions please" implying he wants to avoid killing anybody n1. He also clarifies that jailor chance is extremely high.
    15, the liason, suggests to kill 12 anyway.

    D2: 15 gets killed by SK. Obviously mad that his team didn't listen to him, Chali starts the day off by outing his other teammate "sheriff n1-9 triad". 9 gets lynched.

    He plays the rest of the game legitimately, and makes it to the final day, but then gets lynched by the remaining witch and doctor, resulting in a solo witch victory.

    Player Offenses
    Reactionary Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    All are from 2017.

    (Griefing – On-Hold) http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...1-S2-1-8499628
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    (Griefing – Watch List x1+) http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...1-S2-1-8499628
    (Minor Griefing – Watch List x1+) http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...1-S2-1-8499628

    Recommended Action
    WL X4

    Additional Notes
    It doesn't matter that you played the rest of the game legitimately. Lynching your teammate like that on d2 ruins the game for him and goes against your win condition. Also, he's not even the one who used -target, so I'm not sure why you punished him for 15's actions.

    Thanks for your report!
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?

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    Re: 1-S2-1-8499628 Chalibluefin (DH)

    No justification to actions, but the way I see it, if the teammates are not willing to listen and communicate then they are just liabilities. I made it that far without them. Had communication been key then perhaps this would have happened. Oh well.

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