{Ban List} Renegade (1-S2-1-11235409) troll

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    Re: Renegade (1-S2-1-11235409) troll

    I was with Renegade in a game yesterday with his usual ID. This guy is a smurf at the very least, and should receive that corresponding punishment.

    Renegade 1-S2-1-11235409
    Does not take action n1 or n2 as janitor.
    Leave his teammates in his lw.
    When he accuses and gets 4 lynches, he pms 4 "Necroplant 4 life bitch".

    Smurfing, Gamethrowing

    Note to @Arrow , even though I don't have a definite proof that this guy is Necroplant, I do have proof that he is smurfing, behind another player's name no less.
    I have no use for these bloodless minnows. Bring me a prey that will sate my bloodlust. I hunger.

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