Best FM player of 2019?

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    Best FM player of 2019?

    Is it blink for winning Silent Night?

    Is it Frinckles or Kovath for carrying town in Whizzbang?

    I remember Huey pulling a unwinnable situation in a win somehow in Standoff, but I don't remember what it was. I think I remember it made Efekannn02 throw?

    Just kidding you guys. I don't know what happened in that game, but from hearing different comments here and there - I know Frinckles did an amazing job in La Cosa Nostra. He clearly best.

    I know nothing about before then though as I wasn't here.

    Did Distorted play in 2019? Then I guess we know who the best player is.
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    Re: Best FM player of 2019?


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    Re: Best FM player of 2019?

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    I'd say Magoroth is right here, even though might beat Hypersniper here.


    There were a lot of players, a lot of new faces, a lot of new old faces too, and a lot of different playstyles. I don't think it's possible to say that a specific player was the best of all, even though I can say with certainity that it was not me lol. Some plays to highlight:

    - Frinckles' games in general, his play was extremely strong considering he was a new player not so long ago. High Noon is a good example of that.

    - Huey's games, especially as scum, were impressive

    - Blink's plays, in Silent Night

    - Magoroth's plays in the same game, winning with scum as the guardian angel of a townie

    - Kovath's play in Whizzbang

    - Glip's play in the Werewolf Ball in early 2019

    - Ozy's charts and all in Silent Night, that were misread sadly

    - Many others I don't name here because I would probably be naming the entire playerbase of the year or so lol.
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