{Permanently Banned} Skylance: 1-S2-1-10843207 NineTailFox: 1-S2-1-10843692

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    Skylance: 1-S2-1-10843207 NineTailFox: 1-S2-1-10843692

    Account Name: Skylance
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-10843692
    In-Game Name: UAC good

    Account Name: NineTailFox
    Account ID: -Mafia- (508).SC2Replay
    In-Game Name: UAC

    Crimes Committed: Game-Throwing, Cheating

    Your Account Name: taak
    Summary: Player was marshall this game, intentionally threw by lynching confirmed players (myself as vigilante included) and only town members. In game player only spammed "UAC is better" along with with his friend "UAC". Replay is attached with obvious collusion and rolequitting.

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    Re: Skylance: 1-S2-1-10843692 NineTailFox: 1-S2-1-10843207

    ID Verification:
    Skylance: 1-S2-1-10843207 Correct
    NineTailFox: 1-S2-1-10843692 Correct

    NineTailFox and Skylance are both announced as new players and have the "Type your Battle.net name" box.
    Their IDs are extremely close.

    They both spam "UAC is better" constantly during setup and every day throughout the game, constantly hitting the Stop Spamming warning. They both never submit a name in the "Type your Battle.net name" box.

    One of them is a marshall and the two of them hand the triad an easy victory.

    Player Offenses

    Previous Offenses

    Recommended Action
    Permaban them both

    Additional Notes

    Thanks for your report!
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