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    GorTeck: 1-S2-1-4963202

    GorTeck-1-S2-1-4963202-Gamethrow-Mafia- (562).SC2Replay

    Account Name: GorTeck
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-4963202
    In-Game Name: Bill Nye

    Crime Committed: Intentional Game-Throwing

    My Account Name: smokeysm
    Summary: Near the end of the game (see 38:20 of replay) there are three players alive. Bill Nye (Cultist) intentionally throws the game by voting up and voting guilty on the last Cultist.
    1. Bill Nye (Cultist)
    2. The Science Guy (Serial Killer)
    13. Dino Mancini (Cultist)

    - When voting starts, both 1 (Cultist) and 2 (SK) vote up 13 (Cultist).
    - 1. Bill Nye (Cultist) purposely votes up and then guilties 13 Dino Mancini (Cultist).
    - 1. Bill Nye also says "Cult saves are trash Cult deserves to die"
    - This results in Cult losing the game to SK in a 2v1 setting during the day. Gamethrow complete.

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    Re: GorTeck: 1-S2-1-4963202

    ID Verification:
    GorTeck: 1-S2-1-4963202 Correct

    GorTeck names himself Bill Nye and roles sheriff in slot 1.


    N1: checks 2 (named himself "The Science Guy") and sees he is an SK

    D2: He updates his lw to say N1 - 2 SK, but then he says "guys im the sheriff I investigated 2 last night" "he is innocent"

    The marshall reveals and he pms the marshall the same fake information (that 2 is innocent)

    A judge courts, marshall and vig get lynched.

    N2: Checks 3 and sees that he is Triad

    D3: Updates lw to indicate 2 as SK and 3 as triad. Starts the day off by saying 3 is triad.
    Gets 3 lynched.

    N3: updates his lw about 2 again, now it says "N1-2 INNOCENT *WINK*"
    Checks 10 but gets roleblocked and bussed.

    D4: People start PMing him their roles as he's a confirmed sheriff and gov is dead.
    He tells town to vote 10 and 10 gets lynched and flips Dragon Head.
    At the end of the day he whispers 2 "kill 5 for me I know your sk"

    N4: Checks 7 and sees he is NS. Gets bussed. Updates his lw to add that he's checking 7 and also states that he will delete his lw if town lynches him.

    D5: The SK pms him saying he won't kill anybody and asking him to not out him (he also has never killed anybody up to this point). SK then feels bad about this suggestion saying that it might be cheating and tells him to just out him. GorTeck replies "YOUR MY OTHER HALF MY LOVER!"

    N5: checks 14, sees NS and updates lw.

    D6: pms the sk telling him to start killing people if cult is alive.
    Lynches 6, the last triad

    N6: Checks 13 and sees NS. SK attacks somebody finally, but they get healed.

    D7: GorTeck finally reveals that 2 is SK as he is not sure if there are other evils still around. 2 says he attacked 13 who was healed so 13 must be cult now. 13 claims judge. Somehow nobody is lynched.

    N7: checks 8 and sees SK (he was bussed with 2). SK kills 14 (bus driver).

    D8: Tells the SK to kill 13 and still nobody is trialed.

    N8: checks 8 and sees NS. 8 gets converted to cult.

    D9: still nobody is trialed.

    N9: Gets attacked by the SK and converted to cultist by WD.

    D10: at this point it's 4 cultists and 1 sk. 1 refuses to vote 2 and 8 appears to be afk... so no trials and we go on...

    N10: 8 dies to suicide and the SK kills 7. Now it's 2 cultists left and 1 sk.

    D11: Votes up and lynches 13, his fellow cultist, giving SK the win.

    Player Offenses

    Previous Offenses
    2 rolequits from 2016.

    Recommended Action
    WL X2

    Additional Notes
    Chooses to circlejerk with the guy who chose a similar name (Gorteck is Bill Nye, and the SK is The Science Guy) for the entire game, seeing him as SK on n1 as sheriff but never trying to lynch him and ultimately handing him the win at the expense of his fellow cultists.

    Thanks for your report!
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?

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