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    Neutral Killer: Trapper

    Trapper (Neutral Killing): A genocidal trap-maker that delights in seeing someone take the wrong step.

    Uses "Lay Traps" every night that are immediately active around the target's house, killing everybody who visits the target on the current/a future night and deactivating after the night of kill/kills.
    If the target stays at home for three consecutive nights, the target dies which is explained with a flavor text,
    "You are casually strolling at home when you stepped on a trap, fatally wounding you and dying in agony!".

    The trapper can also target himself, and can stupidly step on his own trap after staying at home for
    also three consecutive nights. With the "Invulnerable to death" option turned off, the Trapper can still be
    invulnerable to death as long as he/she has traps at home.

    Randomized Flavor/Night Sequence/Death Descriptions:
    1. being impaled by spike. "You setup a spike traps with a smile."
    "You hear a click, with what sounds like spikes/a thick spike impaling through the body".
    "He/She was found impaled on a spike/on multiple spikes.

    2. falling to a deep pitfall trap. "You used a self-invented silent digging tool that dug up bottomless pits in minutes"
    "You suddenly hear a piercing scream, followed by a splat."
    "He/she was found in a bottomless pit,
    severely mangled with protruding bones."

    3. stepping on a bear trap. "You setup bear traps that could eat a human torso"
    "You hear a click, followed by a clean chomp"
    He/She was found with his body in two pieces nearby a clamped bear trap.

    1. Traps ignore invulnerability. (Default: On)
    2. Traps are limited to only four. (Default: Off)
    3. Traps deactivate after a kill. (Default: On)
    4. Can lay traps only every two nights (Default: Off)
    5. Must visit a player two times to lay traps. (Default: Off) "You will finish this art the next night."
    "Your piece of art is finished."
    6. Invunerable to death (Default: On)
    7. Immune to detection (Default: Off)
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    Re: New Neutral Killer: Trapper

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoroth View Post
    So a more powerful Mass Murderer?
    You are right. This needs a nerfing.
    The trapper can be made to only lay traps every two nights, set a limited amount of traps, or need to visit twice to finish the trap. They are already in the options but they can be made a default part of the role and be unchangeable.

    I like the "limited to only four" the best, far more interesting than the other two options. I really want to try a neutral killer who has the most powerful ability but has limited shots. Makes you really think where you set the traps. As in the final stages, you can only rely on mislynches to win, but you can't complain because your ability is just that powerful.

    Second to that in terms of likability is "Must visit twice to finish trap". Visiting twice can be a tell for a Det/Lookout.
    You also have to plan ahead your traps. But eh I prefer limited to only four, because a Doctor/Bodyguard can be accused of being a Trapper for visiting twice and I don't want those roles to be indirectly nerfed.

    The one I like the least is "only lay traps every second night". Bland.
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