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    Re: S-FM Standoff (8P)

    Quote Originally Posted by Frinckles View Post
    In this example, Efe picked a 1/6 chance of unraveling the Mafias entire plan, or most of it.
    It was 2/6 chance though, wasn't it?
    Efe picking Huey would had been even better, to find out he is Tailor not Lookout, as that would had outed both Mafias out at the same time. Picking MM only outed MM.

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    Re: S-FM Standoff (8P)

    Sorry for completely forgetting about this game @Magoroth
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    FUCK you have no idea how many marshmallows I just swallowed. I opened my mouth far too wide and ended up swallowing a shittonne of those bad boys all at once. I can still feel it all slowly sinking down my throat.
    Quote Originally Posted by naz View Post
    tbh its probs stealth just bc he can never seem to not roll 3p
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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