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    Re: Advanced Mafia Calculus e1

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    But with a bet of 9800 you get less than 1% profit on average
    Certainly, it depends on your measurement system and your priorities. The difference in E(profit) between 9800 and 250 is only 10. God knows how many bets you'd have to make before you notice the difference in profit between 9800 and 250 given that the variance of the former is so absurdly high, even if E(profit) is 66% higher. It might make more sense to bet less to have a more stable flow of income. Given how low E(profit) will be irrespective of your bet, it's probably not even worth playing.

    Things become far less exciting if the bets are bounded lmao.
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    Re: Advanced Mafia Calculus e1

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    If my understanding is correct, that'd mean that when B<9800 the equation radically simplified because the 10,000's are replaceed with "200+B" in the original equation I posted:

    E(profit)=0.25*( (B+200)B/(B+200) + (200B)/(2B+300) - B )

    ---> E(profit)=0.25*( 200B/2B+300 )

    The maxima evidently becomes 9800. You can prove this without the graph again by deriving for extremums (realizing there's no extremums) and then evaluating all the endpoints of each function.
    shouldn't the value for when the 10K guy dies be:
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    Re: Advanced Mafia Calculus e1

    Pls no I have some statistics homework due this Monday and I still haven’t had a look at it lmao
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    Re: Advanced Mafia Calculus e1

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    What about the order? With 12 shots and 4 players, on average each player will die 1/4 of the time, sure. But won’t the person going first, on average, pull the trigger the most and therefore get a larger share of the pot?

    Or is the order also random?
    The Order Is Also Random Generated.. If U Make The Game U Arent Promised The Gun First..
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