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    FM The Championat Nightbar

    It's me, Magoroth the Bartender. welcome to my bar.
    if you're here it means you like alcohol and ogc.
    and it means you like talking at night.
    have one on the house and lets talk!
    no lynchin' people here unless the host shows up.
    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. Anyone who uses scum syntax will be lynched.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    lmao he is the baby in your picture

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    Re: FM The Championat Nightbar

    As a result of today's lynch,

    Marshmallow Marshall gets 6 points
    Stealthbomber16 loses 6 points
    Voss gets 3 points
    OzyWho gets 3 points
    Efekannn02 gets 2 points

    And that's it for today.
    Night lasts 24 hours.
    we obviously will have to lynch Magoroth tommorow because he isn't even in this list.
    (please dont throw me out of the bar)

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    Re: FM The Championat Nightbar


    What about a role that like visits a dead person at night. And bring them back to life but not really. Then they attack with an army of zombies that they bring back each night and all the lookouts are seeing people mugged by dead people while the necromancer guy doesnt move. *hic* So each time you get a body you get an additional attack.

    They're equipped with King Cobra 40oz ducttapped to each hand. They also have mouth guards and roller skates.

    Itll be kinda like sasori from naruto with puppets or somethin

    Idk man

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    Re: FM The Championat Nightbar

    Oh oh. Or maybe a role called ninja that can *teleports behind you, nothing personal kid* and then turns you into a living bomb except when you explode a party host party happens and everyone who visits you becomes bulletproof for the night.

    A ninja healer.

    Also if a cultist visits him, they're converted into an author with 3 different last wills as an ability.

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    Re: FM The Championat Nightbar

    Wait wait. One more go at it.

    The Ring Master (ha)

    Pick one player at night to be your circus elephant. They become immune to any bus drivers.

    Then by setting the game to synchronize with real life time:
    Returns the best guess of when the game started for players in the real world as a server-timezone adjusted UNIX epoch (seconds since January 1, 1970). Returns the time the game started loading if called on the loading screen and the time gameplay started later.
    They must alternate left clicks and right clicks throughout the night phase based off of even or odd seconds starting after the 10th.

    If they succeed thier elephant will gain a permanent night chat with them and can make funny elephant noises throughout they day. Doing so has a random chance of killing either the ring master or an audience member (anyone in town.)

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