[WIP] S-FM Segmentation Fault

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    S-FM Segmentation Fault


    Unknown Memory Error
    Unknown Memory Error
    Unknown Memory Error

    C Pointer
    C Pointer
    C Pointer
    C Pointer
    C Pointer
    C Pointer
    Hidden C Program
    Hidden C Program
    Hidden C Program
    Header File


    Spoiler : C Pointers & Programs :

    C Pointer
    You are a functional C Pointer, pointing to a valid memory address.
    You have no special abilities. That's why you're a pointer. Nobody wants a smart pointer, duh.
    Valgrind (Cop)
    You are Valgrind, the most powerful memory checking system in the world.
    Each night, you may check a player to see if they are a proper, functional pointer or not.
    string.h (Doctor)
    You are string.h, a library specialised in string operations.
    Each night, you may protect one of the players. If they are a pointer or valgrind (yes you can protect Valgrind, don't ask), and they get attacked, you will heal them.
    void *fr=free (Vigilante)
    You are a function pointer to free, which is a function that frees pointer.
    Each night, you may attempt to free (kill) one of the players.
    Even if they aren't a pointer, they will still drop dead. Latest developments in IT have allowed the creation of an all-powerful function that can free anything, even if it's not a pointer. Your attacks bypass any immunity your target could have.
    assert.h (Escort)
    You are assert.h, a library specialised in debugging operations.
    Often used to debug null pointers.
    Each night, you may attempt to "assert" the integrity of a player, roleblocking them.

    Spoiler : Memory Errors :

    Segmentation Fault (Godfather)
    You are the infamous segmentation fault, the greatest scourge and calamity of our age.
    You have access to a 24/7 night with the rest of the Memory Errors, for you have evolved self-awareness (god forbid).

    Spoiler : Header File :

    I suspect y'all will either find the setup humorous or distasteful lmao
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