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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    huey liked it, then you sheeped stealths read about not liking it.

    you just discredit post after post that I make, the fact you have 2 other players above me on your votes is practically you scum slipping all over the thread.
    I dont need to discredit anything. You have based 90% of this game off absolutely nothing. You fail to acknowledge other players actually doing meaningful things.

    Nobody is scumslipping. Your reads are just terribly off balance. Arguing with you is a death sentence. Anyone who disagrees becomes an fos. Any opposition must be wrong because you're right.

    That's a nice way to strong arm yourself into a scum win.

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Guys there is a potential scum actress in this game who can take the role of ANY town member in this game from the graveyard this happens during night one.

    there are SERIOUS problems with the way frinckles interacts with me in the thread, then scumreads 2 other people above me. I'm banking on my greenflip to secure the future of the town here.

    Frinckles would know this being scum and would want to try and discredit me as much as possible without actually making me the lynch.

    SO listen up, I'm advocating for my own lynch right now to show you guys that my intentions are pure and just once i FLIP.

    If you think I do this as scum then you're wrong because that would be game throwing. I'm in no danger of being lynched ATM but I want that to change.
    This isn't where i parked my car.....

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by Frinckles View Post
    Hey now, carpel tunnel is real fam.
    I Kinda Feel Like Thats What You And Blink Are Doing To Each Other Here.. Fish Tunneling.. Back And Forth.. Its Like CNN NBC Trying To Both Slam Trump..
    I Am Kira! I Am Justice!! I Am The Champion Of The Light!!! Death To The False Gods!!!!


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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by Frinckles View Post
    Well if it woke you up I guess I can move it. You hadn't said or done much recently but were pretty aggressive early.
    yeah, well... shrugs that's just how i am
    Quote Originally Posted by AnassRhamur View Post
    Please don't post in the punished players section if you're not involved. Consider this a warning from Thugnificent. You got one Thug ticket. Collect 3 more of those and i'll have to issue a Thug Infraction. Collect 3 Thug Infractions and you get 1 Thug Misdemeanor Charge.

    Spoiler : :
    Citizen, Agent, Citizen, Vigilante, Citizen, Godfather, Citizen, Citizen, Voter, Elder, Mafioso, BackUpSleuth, Escort, Mafioso, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Tailor, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, TheJoker, Citizen, LadyGaga, Mafioso, Winston Wolfe, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Masquerader

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Efe, Clank, Yagami, Unknown, DS all need to drop a cvote.

    we can just policy lynch everyone who doesn't want to share their votes, if scum wins so be it.

    I have yet to have an opportunity to delve into whatever the fuck voting structure yall have yet so thats gonna wait from me tbh



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