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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    And As Of Right Now I Dont See Us Really Getting Anywhere Till The Remainder Of The PPL Chime In..

    But As It Stands This Is My Current CVote

    Spoiler : cvote :
    MarshmallowMarshall,rumox,Clank,Frinckles,DS,Magor oth,Unknown1234,HueyTheLong,Efekannn02,Stealthbomb er16,Light_Yagami,SkipDay,
    I Am Kira! I Am Justice!! I Am The Champion Of The Light!!! Death To The False Gods!!!!


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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    @naz will clank be replaced
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    FUCK you have no idea how many marshmallows I just swallowed. I opened my mouth far too wide and ended up swallowing a shittonne of those bad boys all at once. I can still feel it all slowly sinking down my throat.
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown1234 View Post
    If we focus on putting one of the four of us and attempt to pair them with people from the other group based on last vote (whether the vote is realistic or not will be determined after)

    Magoroth Likes: rumox
    He is okay with: Clank/DS/Efekannn02
    He does not like: Stealth/Frinckles/Yagami

    Huey likes: Stealth
    He is okay with: Efekannn02/rumox/DS
    He does not like: Frinckles/Clank/Yagami

    MM likes: Yagami
    He is okay with: Frinckles/rumox/DS/Clank
    He does not like: Stealth/Efekannn02

    Going to go more into pairings and see if there are any that make a lot of sense. Just posting this now to see what end of day views were.
    May The Heart Be Your Guiding Key

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Quote Originally Posted by Light_Yagami View Post
    Yeah If I Remember Correctly.. He Used An Old Code Like Efe Had Stated Morse Code Earlier Day One.. Would Take Me A Hot Second To Find That Post...
    Im innocent and yes im happy/scared actually everything at once can someone lynch me already?

    actually please dont I want to spread more chaos
    May The Heart Be Your Guiding Key

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    from this point forward @Clank is being replaced by @Voss
    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    President Fielzanks walks up to his stage, preparing his n1 speech. In front of him, his two cronies MM and David stood. In front of him, his immaculately written n1 speech was prepared. 'Gentleman, what is the soul of capitalism?', he asked his small audience. 'Money?', MM guessed. 'Waifus?', David asked. 'No' Fielz replied, disappointed in his trash scumteam .
    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    Naz would never forget the Chik-Fil-A Sauce

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    Re: S-FM 288: La Cosa Nostra

    Sorry for lack of activity yesterday anyway, my line of thinking:

    In this setup there is either an Actress OR Framer.

    Blink was an Actress in every scenario.

    Mechanically there are 3 TPR.

    List of most likely scenario to least likely--

    -Unknown is confirmed scum, he has a suspicious check on him from a cop. Claiming the he was framed directly conflicts with the fact that Blink was an actress. Unknown was pushing for Blink constantly while Blink's 'Townread' on Unknown shifted to a scumread over the course of the day. I didn't even see the 'tracker' check. If someone wants to point me to that I'd appreciate it. I highly doubt this was a mafia v mafia scenario. Unknown is the SK.

    -MM is not a power role. When I hear "I'm a TPR but I'm not going to tell you which one" it sounds like somebody inferring "You'll know which one I am soon enough." The most basic example of this would be Vigilante. We need his input. Claiming like that and then not appearing D2 is scummy.

    -Magoroth claims that he healed Blink but he was attacked twice. From my point of view this implies that either Magoroth is lying scum, Mafia no-killed, Mafia attacked their own actress (if that's allowed.) For the record, I don't scumread Magoroth; He's been gamesolving although his votes have been sheepish.. and that vig shit was really dumb. Then again half the game scumread Rumox over a silly rxn so, whatever.

    -Huey's check is a lie. He should have participated more D1 but it's probably good that he flew under the radar for the most part. Huey is probably not lying about his check and the Unknown v Blinkskater relationship makes sense in context. Compare Blinkskater's rhetoric to Huey's you can see the difference between someone acknowledging his possible demise and someone running towards it.

    Spoiler : cvote :
    Unknown1234,MarshmallowMarshall,Efekannn02,Clank,L ight_Yagami,DS,Magoroth,rumox,Stealthbomber16,Huey TheLong,Frinckles,SkipDay,

    1 Mafia down, 1 SK down.

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