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    Text box for setup editing

    So I brought this up on discord already... My idea here is to have the game have some kinda button or extra UI where you could view the save you have in text form.
    That'd basically then just allow you to copy-paste the whole thing and store it in some other text file you have, allowing you to store as many saves as you want on your computer without impacting your bank file (which is limited to only 1 save).
    To use an old save you'd then just copy-paste back from your txt backup to the ingame text box.
    Ideally it'd be shown with some kinda template to make editing outside of the game simple, but just having raw data for storage would already be enough for the core function of save exporting and importing. Maybe SotD could get revived with that, too. The main problem with the old SotD system was afaik that there wasn't any proper way for normal players to share their setups on the forum after all.
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    Re: Text box for setup editing


    i've been dreaming of multiple saves for YEARS. I would have been fine with 2 or 3, but this system is actually the best possible implementation because:

    ------ basically unlimited saves
    - so now I can make saves that are both 8331s with triads and are literally exactly the same except in one of the two saves sheriff can detect sk, and in the other he doesnt. (lmao)
    - Well, nothing that ridiculous, but now its possible. And if that's possible, then I can have saves to fill multiple niches at once (cult/mason save? copy pasted! triad save? copy pasted! troll save to cause a leave train? copy pasted! banned!)

    ------ doesnt break game's code

    ------ easily shareable with others through any media
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