Banned from Mafia in StarCraft2 before playing first game

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    Banned from Mafia in StarCraft2 before playing first game

    Good afternoon!

    My wife and I play a mafia version on her iphone and we really like the game!
    We were recently browsing the arcade section in SC2 (StarCraft2) and noticed they had a mafia version as well so we decided to give it a shot. First we tried playing in Local Area Network with a friend (a total of 3 players). As soon as the loading screen completed the game would automatically kick us out back to the main arcade lobby screen before we could fully read the reason why we were being kicked out. We assumed that the game would not let us continue since we were only 3 players so we then tried joining a session online.. but the same thing happened. This time I did my best to read the "kick out" reason in the chat before ejected and all I could read was that my account was too new (even though I have gained experience in this account through HoS).
    Immediately after getting kicked out I started receiving insulting whispers from players that I can only assume were in the game we tried joining telling us to never play mafia again and that we had been banned.

    I really enjoy playing games with my wife and would like to give this version a chance. If you may please explain what happened and lift the ban that I assume was placed on my account I'd greatly appreciate it. I can only assume my wife's account also got banned as well my our friend's account.

    My battlenet account is Wawa#1646
    My wife's account is diiminuta#1125

    Thank you!
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    Re: Banned from Mafia in StarCraft2 before playing first game

    What you experienced is our measure of preventing gamethrowers, greifers and hackers from making new accounts to avoid bans and ruin the game.

    Thankfully, we allow new people to register for a whitelist. We need your SC2 ID number. It goes like this 1-S2-1-xxxxxx. You can see this number at the start of a game.
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