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    Re: ?KRC i̷ ̸w̴i̸s̴h̸ ̴t̶o̵ ̴d̸i̵e̷

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Harold View Post
    That's really offtopic right now and you'll need more than that sentence to convince anyone, including myself
    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Masterpiece View Post
    thanks and it says a minimum of one night later. so could be longer.
    Yes, I keep saying that lol

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    Re: ?KRC i̷ ̸w̴i̸s̴h̸ ̴t̶o̵ ̴d̸i̵e̷

    -vote S-FM :(

    Unless everyone suddenly flips to Harold, this or Masterpiece seem like the only possible lynches. Smiley was barely on my radar either way until this point, but I trust the people on the smiley train much much more than the Masterpiece train, even if I think a Masterpiece lynch would give more information.

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    Re: ?KRC i̷ ̸w̴i̸s̴h̸ ̴t̶o̵ ̴d̸i̵e̷

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM :( View Post

    That's my role name xD

    The rolecard is horribly big and wordy, intentionally decieving and all.

    I apparently have the ability to mindcontrol people, which is supposedly making them die at least one night later, and they are aware that they will die. Nothing can stop that kill. It can happen in multiple ways that "only stealthbomber can know".

    From my understanding of that weird crap, random players get to blackmail me but I get to choose the directives they give me... Which makes no sense, I know. But that's what's on my rolecard lol.

    Also, I apparently reveal the identity of my mom when I die, but the rolecard says "a "random" player, but it's your mom" or something like that lol. I have no idea of what that really means, and as I said it's really wordy, sooo.... yeah.

    Now, can you NOT lynch me please? I'm more or less a night-immunity piercing vigilante, that could always be useful lol.

    Oh and I nearly forgot, there's something about a communication via SMS with the people who blackmail me, with messages under 180 chars iirc.


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    Re: ?KRC i̷ ̸w̴i̸s̴h̸ ̴t̶o̵ ̴d̸i̵e̷

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM screams View Post
    You're right, I'm walking away.

    I'm not moving my vote.

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM swag98 View Post
    That can actually happen though, I think the kill would go through even if I was dead. I think it works like a poison, even though it's 100% unrelated to the lore. Just to be honest lol

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