Changelog 9/9/2019

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    Changelog 9/9/2019


    New Roles
    • Elector: transfer one player’s vote to another
      • If the person who gained the vote power dies, the person who lost their VP immediately regains it
      • If two electors try to steal from someone, the first elector gets priority
      • If two electors try to steal from someone, and then that someone gains vp from ANOTHER elector, they will transfer their dented VP to the person that owns it
        • “Owing vp” only lasts through the night, and no longer
      • If you lose vote power, you will be notified
      • If you gain vote power, you will be notified
      • If you gain AND lose vote power, you will not be notified
      • Drug dealers cannot hide the fact that you gained or lost VP
      • Disguisers disguising into someone with no VPs will also have that effect of no vps
      • Same if they’re disguising into someone with more VPs
      • Disguiser will regain the vote power of their target if the person who stole their target’s vote power dies
    • Thief: pick a role amongst the remaining roles that haven’t been assigned
      • Is unique
      • Cannot be put on a team with enemies
    • Silencer: stops one from chatting during the day, but can still vote
    • Disfranchiser: stops one from voting during the day, but can still talk

    Narrator Feature & Fixes
    • Fixed issue with “secret voting” publicizing votes
    • Added liar’s club setup
    • Changed mayor’s ‘new vote count’ to ‘vote count increase’
    • Various “Diminishing Pool” vote system fixes

    Setup Creation Enhancements
    • Custom setups are truly now a thing, and persist
    • Modernized setup manipulation
    • Restored role settings and visualizations on the UI

    Visual Fixes
    • Clicking on any colored role, team, or setup hidden should properly show the right info
    • Lack of puppets will no longer cause browser to crash
    • Toggling between custom and auto setup should work again
    • Will show a helpful error when auth token is inactive
    • Day chat is disabled if sc2mafia is an integration for this game

    Lobby Enhancements
    • Fixed timer not counting down
    • Player exits redone, accounting for all(?) scenarios

    Sc2Mafia Integration Fixes + Features
    • Will detect new games every 10 minutes
    • Will post signup and setup threads on new games
    • Will update the setup when (some) setups changes happen
    • Will detect player signs and update the player signups
    • Will pm role info upon game start
    • Will publicize who won the game
    • Default phase lengths are 48 hours and 24 hours
    • Will gracefully close out empty lobbies
    • Votes will be announced as they happen
    • Votes will be detected

    Discord Fixes + Features
    • Vote count will be announced before trials
    • Vote count will be announced at end of day
    • Vote count will be announced on vote resets
    • Moderators will be informed of live voting during ‘secret voting’
    • Moderators can ask for roles of players from the bot in pm
    • The name of the moderator will be announced on game start, if one exists
    • Added vote help text
    • Fixed “spots available” text on !info command during game setup
    • Fixed !living command
    • Fixed !graveyard command
    • Fixed !setups command
    • Limited !votecount to only show who’s allowed to be voted
    • Fixed client crash error when players joined night chats
    • Allow moderators to ask for vote count via bot pm
    • Added full-blown test suite for discord
    • Will correctly pull the nickname if it exists
    • Will properly show error text when game fails to start, so host can action on them

    Database Fixes
    • Fixed incorrect role_ability_bool_modifier name length

    Tech upgrades
    • Modernized code architecture for Discord interface
    • Added full blown test suite for Discord, shortening tests from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.
    • Removed a lot of the old web socket/ server interactions in favor of HTTP requests. This is good because the browser can now process failures much easier
    • Added cypress testing to stop front end features from breaking
    • Prettied up all my javascript code
    • Moved the timer logic out of Java and into Javascript

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: Changelog 9/9/2019

    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    it looks like it's time to give it a test?
    I'm going to attempt to drum up interest again on this front. I felt a lack of interest from the community at the time, but given last week's turnout, I could see how there might be interest in this again.

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)



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