[Restoration Request] Coming back to maf after many years

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    Re: Coming back to maf after many years

    Right, even from that time I had alot of points about 23k, before the banks didnt keep a good count/track of how many games won/lost and when that was implemented I already had over 15k points. I did play a lot of roulette games and I do admit on avg I would get about 50 points a game from roulette.
    Landstander, god rest his soul.
    I remember he got 20k points when I got about 23k and thought I was hacking my bank to one up him.
    I've been playing maf for a long time, even before this forums. Back then it was on another forum and when they changed the website my previous posts were lost. In the other forum I did post my point progress as I reached 20k points.
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