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    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
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    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
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    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?

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    Everyone has seen those websites where you can claim a "free gift" such as a gift card, iPad, gaming console, and a myriad of other possibilities for "filling out a survey" or other too-good-to-be-true tasks. While there are a great deal of honest programs, those offered by this company are anything but fair to you - the consumer. This report is to warn you of what the program does and how unfair it is.
    For starters, this is a quick snapshot of what these programs are in general for the industry and how they work. These programs are commonly referred to as "Incentivised Freebie Websites" ("IFW"). Generally speaking, you must complete a number of "offers" to claim the gift or prize. Such offers include signing up for a free trial to a service, buying a subscription to a product or service, spending a certain amount of money at an advertiser's website, applying and being accepted for a credit card, etc
    When you click through to the offer and complete the requirements (say, signing up for a free trial to a website) the advertiser pays the IFW company a referral fee for sending them your business. In turn, the IFW company uses a portion of that commission/fee to pay for your gift and the remainder is profit. You get your gift/prize and they make money. It's lucrative and the business model has been around for ages.
    Granted, there are many of these websites that are quite fair and tell you up front what needs to be done in order to claim the prize. Respectible IFWs will allow you every
    possibility to complete the program fairly - like not locking you into a time limit or penalizing you for canceling your subscription to a free trial if you aren't satisfied with the service. Less reputable IFW sites, however, will use sneaky tactics and fine print into making as much profit as possible at your expense.
    In my honest opinion, Rewards Zone USA is one of these less reputable companies. Their most recent program I became aware of (through third party advertisements) was for a $100 NFL Gift Shop gift card. Their main page leads the user to believe they receive the said gift card for simply filling out a survey on who will win in the Super Bowl. Scrutinizing the page though shows that they are indeed roping you into a "complete offers to get the gift" program. Not only that, but the requirements are beyond unfair and almost impossible to complete within their terms.
    This particular program requires you to complete "2 Silver Offers, 2 Gold Offers and 3 Platinum Offers." You cannot view the actual offers until you have provided them honest contact and demographic information (which they share with their "Marketing Partners" according to their privacy policy). Some of the offers in their representative sample include:
    Signing up for Proactiv's auto ship program
    Signing up for a free trial for credit monitoring
    Buying a weight loss supplement
    Signing up for a GameFly trial
    Applying for a credit card
    These are only a few of the offers they supposedly provide, remembering that you must complete at least seven of them to qualify. What's most disturbing is you must complete all of the required offers before midnight of the day you sign up for the program or you are disqualified and cannot get your gift/prize. The terms and conditions also state that in order for an offer to be regarded as "completed," free trial services must bill you at least once, and credit card applications must be approved, a purchase made, and must remain a card member for 60 days.
    Common sense will immediately tell you that it's physically impossible to apply for a credit card, get approved, get the card, make a purchase AND remain a card holder for 60 days all inside of one calendar day. On that same note, you also cannot physically sign up for a free trial, wait for the trial to end (usually at least 7 days) and get billed for the subscription in the same amount of time.
    It's also worth noting that some unreputable sites mix-and-match their offers across various levels that can force you into an un-winnable situation. For example, the first two tiers of offers may be generally easy ones - such as free trials. The last page though could possibly be nothing but personal loans and credit card applications. The user may not even be able to qualify for these, or if they do, likely cannot complete them within the time limit (see above).
    This means all of the offers you signed up for before getting to this point are now your financial responsibility and they have made their commission from it. However, since you cannot complete the last stage, you are unable to fulfill your end of the terms of the program and forefit your gift or prize.
    Should you complete an offer but become disqualified from the program, then congratulations - you've signed up for a product or service and are on the hook for whatever the subscription terms are. Additionally, Rewards Zone USA gets their commission. But what of your gift or prize? Well, you didn't complete the program according to the (basically) physically impossible terms and therefor are disqualified, but thanks for playing. You've just earned this company a nice bonus that's pure profit for them at no real benefit to you.
    Their terms and conditions are, as of the date of this report, filled with language that protects them if you choose to fight them over this. In my opinion, it's clearly designed to get the user to sign up for services so they get paid, but so restricted that it's extremely unlikely they will have to fulfill their end of the bargain and send you a gift. Please take caution when dealing with IFWs. Like I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of reputable ones out there that don't have absurd time limits or offer
    requirements. Many of the reputable ones have no time limits at all and you can complete it over several months or even years if you want! One calendar day? Let's be honest here - they know 99.99999999% of people cannot accomplish this - even through no fault of your own - so it's free money to them. Always read the terms and conditions before providing any information about yourself as well. In conclusion, avoid this company. My opinion shows that they are simply trying to use people who are ignorant to the industry in order to make a profit without providing anything in return. Do your research, read the terms carefully and only sign up for an IFW if you're sure you can easily complete the program within the terms.
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    @Stealthbomber16 is Light scum this game?
    you said he’s more passive aggressive as scum
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    Uh, SB16 isn't a part of this game
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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