{Ban List} Qube: 1-S2-1-10823287 TAGurPRGNANT: 1-S2-1-1123614

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    Qube: 1-S2-1-10823287 TAGurPRGNANT: 1-S2-1-1123614

    im vigi.
    n4 or 5 i cant remember, i shoot enforcer (15) after being told to do so when we lynched 6 (DH) who i shot and was NI, helping to confirm me.
    morning comes, i announce i killed, it flips 15 enforcer... confirming me further.
    nobody speaks, remainder of lobby votes me and guilties me without them saying a word (obvious skyping)

    by lynching me, town also threw.
    town continues to play stupid in lobby and hangs more town, handing game to triad

    5 and 9 throw.SC2Replay

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    Re: Throwing/Skyping too many to list

    ID Verification:
    Qube: 1-S2-1-10823287 Correct
    TAGurPRGNANT: 1-S2-1-1123614 Correct

    Players Added to Report:

    Qube: 3
    Tag: 4

    Both players are listed as new players.
    Both players are in adjacent lobby slots.

    Qube receives the pop-up for entering name
    Tag says out loud "bob"
    Qube registers the name bob

    Qube receives the name enzo and roles doctor in slot 5
    Tag chooses the name xd and roles detective in slot 9

    Every night qube chooses to heal xd.

    On day 4 both qube and tag vote up Shidda who is a confirmed vig (he has gotten the DH lynched and shot an enforcer and talked about it openly a lot). They both guilty along with the jester and last triad.

    Was the game result altered?
    Yes the triad ends up winning.

    Player Offenses
    Qube: Skyping, gamethrowing, possible multi-boxing
    TAGurPRGNANT: Skyping, gamethrowing, possible multi-boxing

    Previous Offenses
    none for both

    Recommended Action
    BL x2 for both

    Additional Notes
    Best case they are brand new players already skyping and gamethrowing.
    Most likely it's 1 guy multi-boxing on smurf accounts but there isn't quite enough evidence to be certain of that.

    Thanks for your report!
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?

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