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Thread: GuyTheSheep

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    Account Name: Guy
    Account ID: 1-S2-1090-8751
    Your Realm: NA
    Approximate Points: 2.5k currently, approx 8k lost

    Used to play Mafia with an old account with the username "GuyTheSheep", i lost the old PC to a bluescreen virus, and migrated accounts and lost a near 99% of my files.
    I found an old thread while browsing the forums, hopefully this can atleast somewhat prove i had the account
    i do not remember the specific point number, but i believe it was around 8k

    the oldest replay i have is dating 4/22/19. this would be a good place to start looking in the databases.
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    Re: GuyTheSheep

    Quote Originally Posted by Tauntshaman View Post
    he appeared in a replay here:
    the only replay i can find by searching"GuyTheSheep"
    That's the account. Sadly i cant view the replay, says i need to revert to an older version of sc2.
    And i actually remember that game, it was the first time i'd seen mod powers in action. he turned everyone into mayor cause someone revealed in the lag chat.
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    Re: GuyTheSheep

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMostache View Post
    I have this replay from April 21, 2018.

    -Mafia- (1270).SC2Replay
    Thank you Mostache <3

    According to Mostache, these are the lost points/achivements;
    P: 4227

    Achivements: The Last Laugh ; Hoist by his own Molotov ; Divine Guidance ; State Religion ; Epic Fail ; The Inquisition ; Coward's Clutch ; Lisenced to Kill ; Half Roles ; Half Town ; Half Neutral

    Role wins Lost ; Mayor, Amnesiac, MM

    idk if you guys can restore wins, though'd id include them just cuz

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    Re: GuyTheSheep

    Approved for 4227 points, 91 victories, 156 games played.

    Achievements: The Last Laugh; Epic Fail; Flawless Victory; Divine Guidance; Last of Kin; State Religion; Hoist by his own Molotov; The Inquisition; Lisenced to Kill; Corleone; Coward's Clutch; Half Roles; Half Town; Half Neutral

    please join our discord and use tag @point restore to hook up with an "admin" to complete your restore in-game. Not "that many" of "us" so you might have to try a few times(so basically u have to hunt down MrMostache)

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