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Thread: Neutral Killers

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    Neutral Killers

    Idea: add a one-shot ability for the Serial Killer to disguise himself as a target. maybe with some restriction so that the ability cannot be used while the Mafia is still alive.

    I realize that might be a coding nightmare but just shooting it

    Role Idea:
    Ability: Jail a person at night. You may choose to optionally execute them.
    Whilst jailed, you gain the ability to anonymously talk to your captive at night.
    Your captive gains night immunity and becomes immune to roleblock for the night.
    You have X shots.

    Why? I've always felt like playing as a neutral Jailor could be an interesting experience. Granted, the role would be quite weak in several ways (and would likely require its own setup built around it to work well).

    Maybe give it night immunity and immunity to roleblock.
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