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    Randomize or hide role settings

    There are a few options for roles which can make or break a role's involvement in the game. Things such as GF/DH/nk's immunity to detection, Amnesiac's role reveal, or sk/arso's roleblock killing setting often tend to be detrimental to the role when confirmed.

    For example:

    an Amnesiac with role reveal off will be treated as an evil role by town and insta-lynched if they reveal themselves since they are more likely to get away with siding with evil

    while an Amnesiac with role reveal on will be forced into becoming a town role by town if they reveal themselves since they can't possibly get away with staying amne or becoming evil.

    So there's two ways to avoid that problem.

    1. Randomize role settings.
    A host can press a "Randomize" button next to each role setting to randomize it.
    In the case of a number setting, like for example judge's court vote, mayor's court vote, vig kills, etc., then they can all be randomized, but the moment that one of these number settings is enabled for a particular role, than all other similar number settings will be forcefully disabled.

    Example: The host randomizes all vig kill number settings. So it can be 2, 3, or 4 kills. So the RNG decides "NO" for 2 kills, but decides "YES" for 3 kills. Because of that, it forces "NO" for 4 kills.
    The host also randomizes all marshall group lynch numbers. So it can be 2, 3, or 4 lynches. This time, the RNG decides "YES" for 2 lynches. Because of that, it forces "NO" for 3 or 4 lynches.

    In-game, a setting that has been randomized will have (Random) next to it in the role card, for the players' information.
    Going to be hard to balance exactly, but it still adds a manageable degree of variability to the game.

    2. Hide role settings
    A host can also decide to press a "Hide" button next to each role setting to hide it from the players' view.
    It will still be shown in the pre-game lobby to everyone (i mean its not hard for the host to not click anything besides "Save Slot" "select" and "start")
    BUT during the actual game, the setting is not gonna show up on the public role cards on the top of the screen. However, the player will still know the settings of their role on the right-side rolecard.

    This can strengthen and diversify the possibilities of claiming for evil/neut roles.

    Most likely these two options will be mutually exclusive so that you can't hide a randomized setting, cause that can get too hectic. Who knows?

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    Re: Randomize or hide role settings

    I'd feel like a cheater when hiding role settings as host. Pointless advantage that only masks one's own dick imo.
    The idea behind it is good though. More randomness is always good, too. Having jesters only maybe kill someone, having a gf maybe require the mafioso for his nightkill, a sheriff who may or may not be able to detect anything at all etc. Imo all that would be great additions.

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    Re: Randomize or hide role settings

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMostache View Post
    Randomize only works for the examples you mentioned. What if sheriff settings end up randomized in a way that he can't detect anything?
    FM uses that with insane, naive or paranoid etc sheriffs. Adds some spice to setups and overall is just nice imo.

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    Re: Randomize or hide role settings

    Quote Originally Posted by RufusPL View Post
    Hiding setup could be an interesting option but randomizing role setups would be adding even more unnecessary RNG to the game. Most role options change too much to let it be random.
    This is what I'm thinking as well; Saves should be made with intent from the creators -- adding random slots, not options is where I think people will see variation. On top of that it possibly being very tedious to add in. If anything it'd need to be a global randomize (as opposed to for each individual role's options) and a lot of rules would be needed to make sure it didn't bug out from broken option combinations.

    As for hidden roles options: I'm not so sure about that either. I've read ideas about messing with Citizen a bit to see if interest in the role would pick up. In short, adding options for different hidden modifiers to them was the goal -- sort of like Kenny's idea. A Citizen with the sleepwalker modifier visits a random person each night, a Drug-dealer modifier returns result of a Mafia member etc. Unfortunately, I don't see the idea really taking off. People like to interact and being put at a disadvantage because of innate characteristics of your own role isn't usually fun.

    I might be wrong, just my two cents.

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    Re: Randomize or hide role settings

    The main problem with hidden setups is what Kenny said, host gains unfair advantage. It would need to be implented in some sort of playlist like SotD and it would need to be almost completely hidden (hidden role slots) so save creators for the playlist can't easly recognise if it is their setup or not. It would also create interesting options like making saves in which Town is outnumbered but neutrals don't know about it so it wouldn't necessarily create lawless situation.
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