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Thread: Auditor Change

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    Re: Auditor Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Smith View Post
    It has no real survivability, and is very easy to sniff out with lookouts and et cetera, so it's interesting it has to survive to win.

    TLDR: Auditor wins with a town loss surviving or not.

    Edit: To clarify, Neutral Evils are on their own just like any other neutral role. While it might be beneficial to the Mafia & the auditor to work together early game, it makes no sense to give the role additional power, especially when it can make power roles a non-factor. Games that use PM's let an Auditor easily message an audited Mafia member. In games that do not, you could simply claim you've been audited to give yourself that extra night (as Citizen is a lower priority kill) that may make the difference when voting begins later in a game. It's got plenty of ways to indirectly defend itself besides, everyone is weak to lookouts/detectives, even GF.
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