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    Setting Max Role Counts Manually

    I think i have proposed it before but since there are many changes coming in mafia 2.0 after literally nothing changing for few years i thought to try again.
    It's really weird that host can't set max role counts when there is max role counter in game but it works automatically. For example i want to have 2 triad randoms but i don't want to have 2 interrogators or 2 informants since they can be too powerfull with their ability to kill (or too weak if u block interro from executing). Or other roles like Lookouts, Coroners or Sheriffs which there really shouldn't be more than 2. This seems like pretty obvious and simple thing to implement yet it's not there.
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    Re: Setting Max Role Counts Manually

    A two part, because there is a bit more to it than just your post. For obvious reasons, I won't explain exactly how the generator works but I'll try to answer as best I can. The numbers relating to max role count are often unreliable and it's a feature that should probably just be removed; The math behind the function isn't great and I don't feel like it's a useful feature, in fact, I think it misleads people more often than not. I may investigate tweaking it in the future, but that's not a priority at the moment.

    As far as what you're suggesting: It'd be a massive workload and a complicated mess that could possibly compromise how the generator calculates different saves. Not only that but I'd need to create another variable for every single role in the game (aside from unique roles) and a key for each in in bank files.
    How many of one role is too many? It varies from save to save. Some people like 9 vigilantes.. some only want 1 -- the generator is built to work out simple things like that.
    The nature of randomness is (love it or hate it) random and this would quickly become a conversation about open, closed & semi-open setups. Personally, I don't dislike setups with one or two confirmed roles whether they're evil or town -- it can be a breath of fresh air given the about of randomness you expect from a normal SC2Mafia game. All I can really suggest is to work with what you have; Certain roles arrays like Mafia/Triad killing may be re-visited in an upcoming patch so that maybe the place to sort it out.
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