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    Re: S-FM 434 Spirits IIb

    Quote Originally Posted by Light_Yagami View Post
    You know how i am a single post/word can make me think someone is scum in this case on the slot naz is now in. The post that aivion made that made me think the slot was scum. Was the post where aivion asked who everyones fav little rascel was early day one. And at the time i didnt think 2 much of it. Till i remembered the game where aivion was neutral and asked that.. So thats what made me scum read the slot..
    Neutral means in between town and scum why couldn't aivion be town for making the post tho?

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    Re: S-FM 434 Spirits IIb

    Quote Originally Posted by naz View Post
    I don't even know if he posted today, why did you start talking about how damus is going to be confirmed town out of nowhere??
    The fact that i explained all of this and you completely ignore it and jump right into this makes me want to shave a cat. I recall a scumgame where you were a whore and ignored some of my posts and focused on others.

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    Re: S-FM 434 Spirits IIb

    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkstorteddd02 View Post
    So if i made a post in this game that i've made before as scum or neutral, you would have a similar scum read on me based off that?
    Most likely.. I remember aivions lawyers game. One word was all it took out of you. To make me think you were scum.. If i remember correctly you asked. To be on retainer.
    I Am Kira! I Am Justice!! I Am The Champion Of The Light!!! Death To The False Gods!!!!


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