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    Re: Discussion: Cult

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    And about the cult's setup slot discussion earlier...
    How about dividing the 3 possible types of neutrals into hostile evil, neutral evil and neutral benign?
    Hostile evil = sk, arso, mm, cult, wd
    Neutral evil = witch, judge, auditor
    Neutral benign = surv, jester, exe, amne
    Then possible slots that combine them would just be neutral any or any evil. I believe that'd allow for better balancing than what exists now.
    this is what i did with narrator!

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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