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    Re: Jack Of All Trades

    Arguably weaker than each role it copies, but stronger in situational utilization.
    It can be awkward to figure when the powers it has already exist in the game.
    Ideal is that it’s a second source of power for the faction it’s assigned to to diminish power lose of the faction.
    1 shot of each abilities to maintain balanced. Also balanced that if the role does the shots are lost.

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    Re: Jack Of All Trades

    I can dig it. Implementing it is a different beast. Basically would require a system to switch between night actions. Other hypothetical roles require a similar system, take for example a Tailor; Being able to choose what the target appears as instead of making it random for simplicity's sake. I could definitely do it and it sounds like a fun but as of right now we're still ironing out the first update and it's going to be a while before I can get to something like this.
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