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    Elector (Neutral: Evil)
    A Corrupt Election Official capable of redirecting votes.
    Wins if Town Loses the game.
    Action: Move one player's vote to another player once per night.
    1. 3 vote redirections (Default: ON)
    2. 4 vote redirections (Default: OFF)
    3. 1 night between redirections (Default: ON)
    4. Victim knows he has been rigged (Default: OFF)
    5. Can target self (Default: ON)

    This role allows for another neutral to slowly change the outcome of the day votes and who's ability gets stronger as the game progresses. A player who has had their vote taken will still be able to vote but it will not add or subtract from the vote tally to put someone on trial or to inno/guilty - and at the same time the player who received the vote will show up as it counting for 2. Early game they can redirect votes to any other person which may make them the target of suspicion before giving themselves an extra vote in the later parts of the game. The overall number of votes doesn't change with this role (unlike Mayor) With normal options, players may not even realize their vote isn't counting unless they pay attention as they will still be able to click vote - see in chat they have voted for someone but the number not increase. Trying to come up with dynamics that allow for sneakier play when playing a neutral -- and that does not require a certain voting style in the game set up to function.
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    if you have elixir to contend with gl hf

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    Re: Elector

    Oh man, I actually really love this. There's so much WIFOM on "does the elector think that the person who has the extra vote is scummy?, or wants people to think this person is scummy so they get eliminated? or if they're the elector themselves?"

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    Re: Elector

    Some good questions!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lysergic View Post
    Can Elector redirect a Mayor's extra votes?
    Oh man that would be spicy. I think it should be able to, perhaps with an option now that we have the ability to add more than 5 options. -- If that was the case though I think that I'd also add the ability for the bodyguard to prevent rigging? (but not counter kill maybe -- thats an area for exploration) -- I guess it makes a neat dynamic versus the mayor but doesnt really affect marshall and because it fills the neutral evil slot its unlikely that most setups would have this and a judge. Theres a few different ways this can go, but I guess if a culted mayor can retain votes then I dont see why an Elector shouldnt be given the option to redirect a mayors votes -- but there would have to be a way for town to stop it other than role block.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    I love it. What happens if a person who had their vote stolen dies? The vote goes away?
    Yeah, if the person no longer is alive they have no vote so therefore it shouldn't be added to the overall vote count (or else the games calculations for how many votes to trial gets out of whack). However if this happens I would probably say it doesnt use a charge. @Voss there is your tag.

    This role at least in SC2 should be pretty easy because it sorta works the same way -votes does for Admins at the moment, as you can already edit the amount of votes a player is worth.
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    if you have elixir to contend with gl hf

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    Re: Elector

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    i can't believe the mod is finally getting their stump creator role.
    They can vote though, it just doesn't do anything

    I was also thinking an alternative to this Would be the lawyer who could actually edit their own votes with a toggle to be worth negative votes but that seems too hard to balance. Especially as an evil role cause it would be too hard to hide and would be really weird on the inno/guilty vote
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    if you have elixir to contend with gl hf



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