Mayor + Crier in same save possible?

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    Re: Mayor + Crier in same save possible?

    Any random with town allowed is able to spawn a crier yes. This is because the any random slot does not exclude town gov, and nothing was put into the code to prevent a crier from spawning with mayor or marshall. (in comparison, if there is a mayor or marshall already then the any random cannot be mayor/marshall due to the code disabling the random spawn of more than 1 marshall/mayor)
    I suppose it's an oddity because the code to essentially combine the mayor/marshall as 1 max allowed unique role was made, and then later the crier was added as its own unique (max 1 per game) role without being added to that mayor/marshall unique condition.

    If the citizen slider isn't set to zero, citizens (also technically town gov) can also take that any random slot.

    And also it is possible to have multiple mayors/marshalls but only if you force them in your save. There will never be more than 1 RANDOMLY rolled.
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