{Permanently Banned} DrDavidDuke: 1-S2-1-9685822. ObaMarauder: 1-S2-1-8192184, ChazDurstMyr: 1-S2-1-6040683 + more

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    DrDavidDuke: 1-S2-1-9685822. ObaMarauder: 1-S2-1-8192184, ChazDurstMyr: 1-S2-1-6040683 + more

    Wierd events here, a ton of Skypers, without any clues jailor voted up with no evidence, he exed detect and we all said to Inno him. it gets 5-5 vote or whatever and then he is voted back instantly and it ends with 7 - 5 vote and he gets guiltied.

    Thats when i knew there was a ton of skypers in game.

    Player 6 is very susp here, player 15 too, There is players who are brand new without bank file suggesting New accounts that got banned now back and skyping. Those are the accounts to mainly check out.

    DAY 5

    Zanipolo 1-S2-1-9685822
    FuckMostache 1-S2-1-6185520
    BB 1-S2-1-10822582

    All Left the game at same time = These are skypers

    There are more skypers aswell. but those 3 confirmed themself when all 3 left at once being mixed roles.

    -Mafia- (1405).SC2Replay

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    Re: A crapload of Skypers

    DrDavidDuke 1-S2-1-9685822
    This one goes without saying.

    llllllllllll 1-S2-1-6185520
    This one is already approved.

    ObaMarauder 1-S2-1-8192184
    Voting patterns. He votes along with the other suspected roles on other townies. Also When Dh recommends to kill 10 (DarkRevenant) he suggests that he kills 14 instead. He also says "nice" when jailor got lynched.

    Entrepreneur 1-S2-1-8560223
    Does not talk during jail. When exed, says "wow jailor" right after in the graveyard. Another of the suspected people also says "wow jailor" and 6 (barcode) identifies the jailor without much info. Although, this game doesn't provide perfect evidence, seeing this account side by side with the others gives it away.

    ChazDurstMyr 1-S2-1-6040683
    He heals 2 (DrDavidDuke) n1, who targets a veteran. Votes with the rest of them on jailor. He does not take an action n2 or n3. He dies n3, because the dh is not part of the suspected people and kill him unknowingly.

    DarkRevenant 1-S2-1-9685772
    He dies n1. Dh targets him n1, but Obamaruader, suggests he changes his target. The name is already suspected earlier.

    MafiaMod 1-S2-1-9688784
    He registers the name "FuckMostache" which is the same name barcode uses in game. This proves his association. Does not take night actions. immediately returns after afk message.

    Thought about including TimRaynor, but he seems genuinely new.

    Recommend Permaban for all highlighted accounts.
    I have no use for these bloodless minnows. Bring me a prey that will sate my bloodlust. I hunger.

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