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    Re: Handling Lobby Sabotage by Auto-Kicked Players?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tauntshaman View Post
    how is narrator going?
    @Marshmallow Marshall
    I don't know, you should ask @Voss instead. I think it's moving though, since I saw threads in circlejerk with the Narrator account.
    Also, I didn't get any mention notification... strange
    Quote Originally Posted by Beansprout View Post
    Mashy you on EU? whenever i play on NA I never see that many lobbies
    EU is terribly worse than NA, both quantity and quality wise. That's just trolls spamming lobbies lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    I wanted to buy a kinder egg in usa. But apparently they arn't sold because they are too dangerous.
    So I bought two assault rifles instead.
    Spoiler : LOGIC :
    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post

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    Re: Handling Lobby Sabotage by Auto-Kicked Players?


    narrator's doing fine. just needs players.

    In the meantime, as marshmallow said, I'm working on the forum integration.

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