The 50k point fiasco

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    The 50k point fiasco

    During a game on the test branch of Mafia trying out new stuff, an entire lobby was given 50k points under the assumption that the test map had its own bank file. We are currently working on rectifying this mistake by removing 50k points from affected players. If you see these players in game please don't report them for bank hacking, but do kindly suggest they get in contact with staff either here or on our discord.

    Frinckles 1-S2-1-3923960 Fixed
    KuKxKyle 1-S2-1-10038413 Fixed
    Cheese 1-S2-1-3451280 Fixed
    Hero 1-S2-1-3350834 Fixed
    Omegasaur 1-S2-1-2781811 Fixed
    SolidDawn 1-S2-1-3920591 Compromised
    MummaCatSoup 1-S2-1-2784270 Fixed
    Nyq 1-S2-1-5233133 Fixed
    pnkrtn 1-S2-1-3805702 Fixed
    Thechol 1-S2-1-6222404 Fixed
    ArielAssault 1-S2-1-2112501 Fixed
    [td]silver 1-S2-1-10156162 Fixed
    [td]BattleSauce 1-S2-1-8198499 Fixed
    [td]AtomicSNEEZE 1-S2-1-5871324 Fixed
    Alex 1-S2-1-3456385 Fixed
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