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    ARPENCAN: 1-S2-1-10747442

    Account Name: ARPENCAN
    Account ID: # 1-S2-1-10747442
    In-Game Name: - Giacomo Devito (Hot key # 14)

    Crimes Committed - Intentional gamethrowing / quite possibly teaming with the last mafia (voice chat?)

    Your Account Name: - ikarusdk

    Summary: - As vigilante, at a crucial moment where town was about to find who the last mafia is and win, shoots and kills the confirmed Marshall (NIGHT 4). The next day, I (Lookout) find out him and 12 visited the marshall. Knowing one of the kill was from the vigilante, I knew that the other one was the last mafia. I post the last will, and basically tell the players either 12 and 14 (reported person) is the last mafia. Jester then blurts out that my lw is wrong because apparently he too visited him. But it was the vigilante who ousts me out, then intentionally lynches me, during which jokes around with the last mafia. He continues to find it amusing apparently till the end of the game.

    Does nothing, contributes nothing during the game, till at a crucial moment, shoots and kills marshall, then lynches Lookout, therefore losing the game for town. From his attitude, this was NOT a misplay or anything.

    EDIT: While re watching the video, HE TRIES TO KILL CONFIRMED TOWNS ALL GAME.

    -Mafia- (288).SC2Replay

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    ARPENCAN: Yep #1-S2-1-10747442

    Respective Hotkeys

    ARPENCAN: ctrl+6 (#14)

    Was the Game Result altered?

    Almost certainly. He shoots the Marshall for absolutely no reason despite knowing the Bus Driver was dead.

    Thoughts and comments

    I don't believe Arpencan was taking a gambit by shooting at the Marshall. He had hovered over selecting to shoot him on previous nights only to switch at the last minute. I didn't see any sort of teaming up between Arpencan and the last Mafia (who shot himself because of Jester while killing Arpencan.) I don't think this was reactionary in any way to being put on trial by the Marshall. This seemed intentional as they had just lynched the Godfather.

    One important thing to point out is that this throw wouldn't have been possible if the the Bodyguard who had been protecting the Marshall all game had stayed on the Marshall. I'll chalk that one up to poor play on the BG's part though.

    Previous Offenses

    None, new account.

    Player Offenses

    Arpencan: Intentional Game-throwing

    Recommended Action

    2x Watch-list

    Additional Notes

    Thanks for reporting. Like I said, I couldn't find any evidence of him working with the Mafia player -- it was just dumb luck that the night he decided to throw, the BG decided to guard somebody else. While he did find an NI player (the Godfather) and helped push to get him lynched, shooting the Marshall the following night for absolutely no reason was intentionally throwing for sure.
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